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Obituary – Marie Rose Lieb

Sad News to Report

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 Marie Rose Lieb, “Mama Marie” to her friends, staff and patients, died after a prolonged illness in her home, surrounded by her husband Thom and their two daughters. Marie, was a founding Member of the Dialysis Training Institute and could see my vision for the future of dialysis training long before anyone else believed a school founded on the principle of excellence in education to train dialysis nurses and technicians could actually survive and more than that she put her money where her mouth was, when in 2000 Marie became a founding member and partner of this groundbreaking institution. In the early days of DTI, Marie taught classes on Saturday mornings, she was smart and quirky and the thing I remember most was the sound of her student’s laughter from down the hall. She was my friend, my partner and a nephrology nurse I deeply respected. She was a one of a kind and I will truly miss her.
Cheryl Falconer RN,CNN
Executive Director