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HemodialysisHemodialysis is the most common form of life sustaining treatment for kidney failure worldwide. Most people receiving hemodialysis go to out-patient dialysis centers for treatment (3) times each week, or approximately every other day. During hemodialysis approximately twelve ounces of blood is pumped through a special filter that removes excess fluid and waste from the blood. Treatment times vary but are generally between 3 to 5 hours in duration, at which time the patient goes home.

Hemodialysis treatments performed in dialysis centers are routinely performed by dialysis trained RN’s and Certified Hemodialysis Technicians. The patient may choose home hemodialysis treatment because of its increased flexibility in scheduling with a trained partner. The days and hours of treatment may be as frequently as short daily treatments of 2 to 3 hours, or long nocturnal treatments run overnight (3) times each week for 6 to 8 hours.