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DTI incorporates substantial student support, professional development, and career training within our programs. Take advantage of these auxiliary resources and you will be significantly better prepared to make professional entry into the hemodialysis field. Furthermore, because we set our academic and conduct standards at levels that often exceed those in the medical workplace, our graduates know what is expected of them and as a result, our students often exceed everyone’s expectations.

Student Advisement & Guidance
Advising students is an important school responsibility, and school staff are available to answer student questions regarding admissions, academic matters, scheduling of modules, and graduation. We’re happy to help you in any way we can.

Please be aware, however, that DTI does not provide professional counseling services. In the event that a student wishes to discuss personal matters with school staff, he/she would be welcome to do so, in confidence, but students should be mindful of the fact that the person they are talking with is not a trained, professional counselor. Should the need arise, DTI maintains a list of counseling centers to which students with personal concerns may be referred upon request of the student.

Career Services
Dialysis Training Institute, LLC, does not provide job placement or job placement services to students or graduates. However, portions of the Hemodialysis Training Program focus specifically on job skills, career preparation, and the employment marketplace. These are the “extras” that DTI graduates take with them when they leave our classrooms as hemodialysis professionals. Talk to us and find out more.