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Commitment is an important concept — especially in terms of your education. All students, whether starting out in their professional lives or mid-career adult learners, must be committed to advancing their knowledge and abilities. What you can be sure of is that DTI is committed to our students’ success.

Education is not an experience to be taken lightly, and each decision about your training is an important step in your future. So, keep in mind…

Hemodialysis Training Program

The Hemodialysis Training Program runs for 26 weeks, and comprises classroom and laboratory training, clinical externship training in the fundamental aspects of hemodialysis. Completion of all modules in the program is required for graduation, and in order to graduate, the student must pass each module with a GPA of 2.0 or greater.

That takes commitment, too.

One last thing you should know about the education you will receive at DTI is that the standards of conduct for students are patterned after those commonly found in the workplace. However, in some cases, our standards are intentionally set at a more demanding level. Why? Because DTI students will become DTI graduates, and DTI graduates are more than ready to enter the professional healthcare workplace.

More than ready. That’s our commitment to you.

For more detailed information about DTI’s standards of academic progress, academic accomplishment, and related codes of student dress and behavior, please view the Program Overview section.