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At the very core of training at DTI you’ll find our people: the staff, the faculty, our students, and our graduates. We are a family-owned company founded by experienced people who have a deep, personal connection to the hemodialysis profession. Our students become part of that family, and when they graduate, they are encouraged to maintain their connections to DTI. Together we number more than a thousand professionals in the hemodialysis and related professions, and that’s a substantial force in healthcare.

Our Missionheart1,

Excellence in healthcare education and training, founded on the principles of quality of instruction, compassion for the patient, integrity in student affairs, and respect for all.

Our Vision

*Educational Excellence
We provide our students with educational opportunities that are of the highest quality, and which integrate all evolving technologies, research, and practices of the healthcare disciplines.
*Specialized Knowledge
We offer sophisticated and specialized training in areas of allied health, most specifically in the fields of hemodialysis and related technical and patient-service occupations.
*Clinical Distinction
We provide our students with clinical and laboratory experiences that will enrich their education and inform their professional focus.
*Staff Engagement
We support our staff in their efforts to be educational resources for our students and engaging professional role models.
*Professional Community
We are building an interactive community of healthcare professionals that is inclusive of our students, alumni, prospective students, and staff, and that will serve them all throughout their professional lives.
*Forward Thinking
We will always keep looking forward in healthcare and bring that informed focus into our classrooms and labs.

Our Values

*Standards of Excellence
The educational opportunities that we offer students will be of the highest quality and consistent with current standards of medical theory and practice.
*Education with Integrity
Development of the individual as a well-versed, skilled, compassionate, and well-rounded healthcare professional is our primary goal.
*Personalized, Student-centered Programs
Our programs are designed and presented with the student in mind, and are responsive to the needs of the individual learner.
*Career-focused Training
The objective of our program is to develop allied healthcare professionals who are solidly trained and fully prepared to enter the healthcare workforce.
*Caring and Knowledgeable Staff
Each individual on our staff, whether faculty or administration, will always have the students’ goals and professional welfare foremost in mind.