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We’ve said as much before, but it bears repeating:

At DTI, our faculty and staff are our greatest resources. But even with so many fantastic people, there’s still more to offer…

The DTI campus is expansive and comfortable, entirely well suited to our educational purposes. We are located in a large office building, and have a main classroom, a larger open learning space, clinical/laboratory areas, student computer laboratory, a kitchen for staff and student use, and business offices and storage rooms. We’d love to have you visit so we can show you around.

We also have an extensive professional library, which provides both students and staff with access to a variety of relevant textbooks and research publications. A concerted effort has been made to make the in-house library a comfortable place and a superior learning resource.

The school subscribes to many publications, including: Nephrology Nursing Journal (from the American Nephrology Nurses Association), Working Nurse, RenalLife, AAMI News, Renal Business Today, and Dialysis & Transplant, and Nephrology News & Issues, and all of these can be found in the library for purposes of research and general reading. We also maintain a selection of instructional and educational videos. Students are welcome to view these on campus. Just contact the main office, and we’ll set you up with the necessary equipment.

If students are interested in further study, DTI is also fortunate in that we are neighbors with the Buena Park Public Library.

Student Advisement & Guidance
This is an important part of the educational experience, and even more so in a difficult economy.

While DTI does not provide job placement or related services to students or graduates, we do incorporate substantial professional development training within the Basic Hemodialysis Training Program. Any student who takes advantage of this auxiliary training will be significantly better prepared to make professional entry into the hemodialysis field.

On a more everyday level, advising students is an important school responsibility, and school staff are available to answer student questions regarding admissions, academic matters, scheduling of modules, and graduation. We do not retain professional counselors, however, and while students are welcome to talk with us, in confidence, they should be mindful of the fact that the person they are talking with is not a trained, professional counselor. In the event that a student wishes to discuss matters that are beyond the capacities of school staff, DTI maintains a list of counseling centers to which students with personal concerns may be referred upon request of the student.